open, take two

smudgingYesterday, I spent time with my women’s group in the bedroom of a little cottage where three people were murdered a few weeks ago–apparently a marijuana deal gone bad. This occurred in a small, rural and seemingly safe community; waves of shock have rolled through hundreds of people. One of those who lost his life was in his early twenties, and grew up with the children of friends of mine. Suffering blasted wide through a large and loving community with that gun spray.

We were asked to go to the home to smudge the space with sage, and offer prayers. I found that I could not offer words only for those gunned down, but was wide open to the perpetrators as well. They are also suffering–from a deep sense of separation, greed, and very poor judgement.

We are all one. My heart ached for all of us. As I stood in the room, these words came repeatedly to mind and heart: “and this, too.”

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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