breathe through your straying

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The title of this post, “breathe through your straying” is a quote from Mark Nemo’s book, The Book of Awakening.

Have you ever watched a sailing race? The sailors make minute corrections, repeatedly tacking to make use of the wind. Just like the breath can return us to our source, the wind can bring the boat home.

Breathe through your straying–love yourself home everytime you discover that you’ve been caught and pulled off course by the mind or emotions. Simply breathe, and come back; breathe, and come back. Breath can become the loving friend that reminds–you are home.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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One response to “breathe through your straying

  1. Dear Amrita,
    I read each “Heart of the Matter” you send and always feel gently woken by a loving mother. “Breath through your straying” blew me home.

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