just say yes

foxglove in forestWhat if we simply say yes to life?

What if we understood that “accepting what is” is the direct path, and not a sign of weakness? Accepting what is does not mean that we will get more of the same–it is not knuckling under, a sign of weakness, or giving in. Instead, it is accepting what life has already welcomed.

Arguing with what life has dished out is common behavior for most of us. And it’s crazy, that’s all. Flat out nuts. Arguing with our circumstances creates suffering for ourselves and those around us. It’s no different than smashing dishes or putting a fist through the wall–and most of us know better than to act out in those ways.

Instead, we can accept with grace what has already come down, and work diligently to bring about change, if that is desired or possible. Imagine how much energy is saved when we do not rail against life. I bet we could power the planet.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
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