beginner’s mind

dark lit sky clouds by Peter SheflerEach moment is fresh and unknown. I walk into it curious, open. Preconceived notions, assumptions, and beliefs have no relevance–they will only cloud being present to the revealing occurring right now.

An old friend is visiting for a couple of days. We connected in 1973, during the forty-day Arica Training. As I sit and write, I am reminded that in the relative world, we have “history.” Amazingly, that had not dawned on me until sitting down at the computer this morning.

New faces greeted–eight years older than the last time we visited together. That forty-year-old history is irrelevant today. I am not the same person, and neither is he. Life has worked us–tempering, seasoning, deepening.

What is here, right now?

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit: Peter Shefler

3 thoughts on “beginner’s mind

  1. Okay, I have to ask. I have friends who went through Arica training with Claudio Naranjo in the Bay area in the early to mid-70’s. Any chance you would have been in the same group with any of them (the late Ellen Margron, Gay Luce, Paul Ray, Sherry Anderson)?


  2. Judith Burton

    Hi Amrita, I’d like to be removed from this mail list – sorry. Just not needing any extra thoughts in my mind at this point. 🙂 Your thoughts are very lovely – and I’d love to talk or email with you now and then to catch up. Hope the beautiful sun is shining on your house today, as it is on mine!

    Much love to you and Boudewijn, Sumitra


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