unclench your fist

unclench your fistSo often, all we need to do is simply unclench our fists. Relax whatever it is that we are holding on to.

Life takes care of itself, without all of our anxiety, worry, fear, and attempted control, which eats enormous amounts of energy and causes suffering. Let it be.

Stop now, and take a  s l o w w w breath. Notice what knows the upset, but isn’t upset at all. Be that, instead. You are that, anyway; that is your original, untarnished nature.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit: jewelry on ETSY

4 thoughts on “unclench your fist

  1. You are! I returned to “About” on your blog and discovered that. I’ll “friend” you–although this has been resting as a question in me–I had limited Facebook friends to family, close friends, and people I knew long ago. Mixing in this new crowd of Internet acquaintances has made me wonder… Why am I bifurcating my life? My blog posts go to Facebook, so friends and family have access to the truth as I experience it anyway, yet I have hesitated to include my new Internet acquaintances.
    Musing out loud here


    1. I felt exactly the same. When awakening occured I started a blog under a pseudonym but it didn’t feel right. Finally I decided, ‘Who am I kidding?’ and just went with it, using my name on LU, the blog, Twitter and FB. So far no negative results from that but it feels more natiral to be completely open, though I’m still quite a private person, if that makes sense. I respect your privacy also – no pressure on the ‘friend request’ I won’t be offended if you want to keep it to old friends and family 🙂


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