the iceberg

the icebergMany of us have an iceberg–a collection of unbearable feelings hidden deep in the body–so deep that we are generally unconscious of them. We don’t want to be in touch with them, either. We built a whole structure of personality around avoiding them. We may even believe that they will kill us if we are forced to feel them; I did.

This is the very iceberg that wants to surface and melt, and that can only happen when we are deeply willing and courageous–when we want the truth most of all. When these feelings rise up, we may wish we could stuff them back–but the time has passed for that. At this point, the transformation that is occurring is inexorable.

Sometimes we meet these feelings prior to seeing the truth of what we are, but that is not a prerequisite. That body of work may come after. We cannot control how this will unfold–the unwinding occurs in its own beautiful way. Friendship of others who love truth can be a deep support. Byron Katy’s “The Work” is powerful, to see through the thought patterns that the feelings stick to. A therapist who is in tune with the nondual view may be helpful.

After a while, the feelings themselves are discovered to be a portal, and are welcomed. Then they can dissolve, and wash out of the body.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit for iceberg

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