not doing and action

Rupert's potMany people, particularly people who have been active in causes of one sort or another, are concerned that if they awaken they will lose their drive to reduce suffering in the world. They are afraid of losing who they know themselves to be. One needn’t worry about this, or even have concern. There may be a period of readjustment where certain activities are reduced or cease altogether; that’s a needed time of reorientation. The very cells of the body are undergoing a powerful transformation.

I write. It’s true that I used to write fiction, and at this point I am not drawn to do so. There was also a period where I didn’t write at all–I think that lasted six months to a year, and occurred when my attraction to story fell away. But the passion for expressing through words returned–you might even think with a vengeance! It simply flows in a different channel than before.

Activities that you are drawn to may change, as well. For example, Rupert Spira is a fine potter–many of his pieces are in museums and private collections. Yet he doesn’t make pots anymore, because he has discovered a passion for pointing to the truth of what we are. Instead of shaping clay, he is opening hearts to the deepest understanding–a highly creative activity, but in an apparently different realm. I say “apparently” because in essence, the realms of beauty and love are the same.

Life is perpetually changing–and there is no why. It’s simply to open and flow with–now, and now, and now.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013
photo credit: Rupert Spira’s website Go there to see more of his astonishingly beautiful pots.

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  2. Hi there. I gave you the Liebster Award!!! I’m having a few computer issues so this was the best I could do. No rules, just give it to some deserving others if you have any. Lol. Blessings


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