sensation as an anchor

anchorSometimes we feel less present than other times. In actuality, this cannot be true–but the separate self believes it to be so. Paying attention to sensation can be helpful, because sensations only occur now, in the present. As soon as you focus on the current sensation, you are instantly here!

This works very well when I discover that I’m anxious or afraid. Instead of focusing on the label, I notice sensations in the body; sometimes I choose a different sensation from the obvious one. Even while anxious, there are sensations in my feet or fingertips, for example. Simply noticing the feet or fingertips–and taking attention away from the central sensation I labelled anxiety or fear–can break the pattern free.

More often, I dive right into the discomfort. When it isn’t labelled, simplicity abounds. A simple sensation. A wonderful anchor.

4 thoughts on “sensation as an anchor

  1. When I worked as a midwife, I encouraged my laboring clients to focus only on the ONE contraction they were breathing through, minding their breath and body, rather than to dread all the future ones that were surely to come. Most found their way to that wholly present place. Those who didn’t, spontaneously did it when holding their hot slippery newborn…Pure joy (and relief!) Your words remind me to give that technique to myself! Thanks!


  2. Arlene Metrick

    Hi Amrita,
    I have been loving reading your blog…each has been a gem (I especially love this one but then, I think that about all of them!! )…and I look forward to reading them…thank you so very much for these wise sharings…
    Love, Arlene


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