seeing through

DSCN0022Try this with me now. It doesn’t matter where you are, and it only takes part of a minute. Close your eyes, and relax the muscles around them. Take a deep breath, and breathing out, let go. Notice whatever else you might be holding on to—a drama at work or home, a stack of bills, a sick friend. Take another breath and release that as well.

Now, opening your eyes, allow life to see through them, uncolored by anything you have thought that you might be. No effort or doing is required. Simply allow life to see. When life sees, there is no comment, judgment, or opinion—only seeing through. No labels.

How often I have sat in this chair, near the little gas fireplace, and gazed out on to the deck where the concrete Buddha sits. Most times, I look at the Buddha and notice it needs cleaning. But today, as I emptied out along with you and opened eyes on the statue and the space that holds it, I saw without comment.

This exercise has been a favorite of mine. I repeat it a few times a day both at work and at home, indoors, or outside. It’s a way to come to ground, to start fresh. As you get comfortable with it, the emptying out can occur within the span of a single breath. Drop all and be only the vessel, the conduit for seeing.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013


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