the turning of a year

waning gibbous moonWhat is the turning of a year? A “year” is a man-made concept, different from astronomical events, like solstices. We create the marker and infuse it with meaning–perhaps a launch pad for new, better behaviors, or a door closed on past, painful events. Most humans seem to need this, and it’s a lovely display. The fireworks are exploding right now–astonishingly loud booms–adding light to the night sky.

Here in Northern California, the evening is chill, and clear. A waning gibbous moon reflects light, just as we reflect awareness. I toddle off to bed grateful for kindness, understanding, compassion, a world of intimacies.
Love to you all!

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013

6 thoughts on “the turning of a year

  1. When I am leading meditation groups or talking to people about spiritual stuff, I use the language of relationship.” What’s your relationship to _x_ ?” I ask them.

    The relationship expressed in this lovely post and the tone of the blog overall that I pick up is intimacy,
    With everything.

    Love and good health to you and family . – d


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