the dream

We are preparing for a month of food-cleanse, starting tomorrow. This will ravage old patterns, and I have come to enjoy that. We will exclude: dairy, grains, legumes, sugar. Label-reading, which I would have said I pay attention to, has taken on a new scrutiny. Our organic chicken stock has SUGAR in it. Our beautiful lox for New Years has SUGAR in it. I never even thought to look. Why would sugar be added to yummy salmon? Salad dressings, sugar. Organic nut butters, sugar. What is our culture thinking?

More and more, I experience this wild life simply as a dream, rather like the crazy dreams that I have at night. I participate fully, but don’t believe in it so much–as the ever-knowing reality of awareness moves inexorably into the foreground. Love–less personal and far more intimate–flourishes.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2013

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