leave nothing out

puzzle 2When we believe that we are separate–independent of others and separate from the world–then searching is what we do as an endless activity. We search for happiness, or a better job; we search to find love, we search to reduce suffering. We search to have something–whether large or small–different than it is right now. As Rupert Spira says, the separate self is the activity of searching. We need to leave nothing out–we must search until we are done: until no person, no gadget, no sensation, or adventure in the world is as attractive or compelling as knowing the plain, unadulterated truth about what we are. Getting to this point we may be enraged, frustrated, bored, or curious–perhaps each of them, at one time or another.

Finally–and we have no control over the apparent time that this takes, be it years or eons–we stop looking outside of ourselves to make life just right and turn inward to inquire. During this inquiry it is equally important to leave nothing out. The whole mysterious puzzle must come together. We must ask every question–no matter now inconsequential it seems. If it arises, it needs to be looked into. And we need to examine each minute aspect of our direct experience and find out for ourselves what is true and which beliefs we took on wholesale as members of this culture. We cannot accept what another person says, even if you consider him or her to be the brightest light on the planet. We must be brutally honest with ourselves, too–not in a cruel way, but by being very, very thorough.

The life that we are will respond when we make this turn inward to inquire, and will bring forward people and situations that ignite fear, anxiety, or perhaps even rage to reveal where we still hold misunderstandings.  You can count on this. Be grateful! Leave nothing out.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012
puzzle graphic came from http://allthingsd.com

2 thoughts on “leave nothing out

  1. Alexandra Hart

    Very nicely said, Amrita. Iin the process of the search we find the most precious, most intimate friend we can ever have — ourselves!


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