life drama

snarling wolves

People have made such drama about this date! Last year–on 12\12\11, 400+ couples got married. This year, on 12\12\12, over 4,000 chose to marry, convinced that the date has special significance. Perhaps it does. Perhaps it doesn’t. I don’t judge either way.

Is this eternal moment different from any other? Life churns, breathes, births itself, takes itself back in death–endlessly.

As fiction writers know, there are between one and twenty different stories, or plots, that can be told–but they can be retold in infinite variety. Examples might be stories of rescue, forbidden love, revenge, or transformation. Just watch the evening news for updates.

Perhaps–just try it on–in our own lives, we can set the drama down. Drama won’t stop–it’s part of life–but we don’t have to believe in it any more. We can choose to pick it up at any moment–but understand that when we do, suffering follows. I know this from direct experience. Setting it down works.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

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