the light of truth

I’ve just come up for air after a seven-day retreat with Rupert Spira–it ended after lunch today. By the end of the meeting this morning, the atmosphere seemed rarified–and yet solidly grounded in direct experience. Part of that rarified quality is being in a room of forty like-minded souls for so many days. At lunch, Rupert used the image of metal filings aligning with the magnet of truth. That describes my experience.

I have a sense of being out of time, a mild disorientation. It is not disturbing; I am simply aware of it.

Light is different: I’m aware of the unmanifested light that is in all objects–the luminous quality that makes all experience knowable. My assumption is that this will fade (not the luminosity, but my ability to see it)–but who knows! I surely don’t, and it doesn’t matter, either way.

I want to offer gratitude to the beautiful people who participated with me–to a person, their hearts were open, although their patterns of shyness varied. It is a courageous act to face the truth that our culture turns from. And of course, deep gratitude to Rupert, who is honest, courageous, patient, and above all, endlessly kind.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012
photo from Panhala poetry, a lovely source of inspiration each day.


2 thoughts on “the light of truth

  1. Linda Merryman

    Just knowing you were in retreat has been of value to me all week. Thank you for being and for being there. I love the image of the metal filings all aligned.


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