Have you noticed how the mind divides and comments? Lately, I’ve been finding this mind comical. It likes forest green clothes (restful), but not lime green (too bold! sticks out!) even though they are both present now. It prefers quiet cars to loud ones (intrusive!) even though they are both present now. It prefers communicating in person with one or two other people (comfortable), but not a large crowd (overwhelming). It prefers non-dual teachings (pristine) to deep philosophical treatises (cumbersome and heady). Creating separation and then editorializing, again and again. Again and again.

I don’t anticipate that this will change; but I don’t buy into it much anymore. And when I notice that I’ve climbed back on the mind-train, I thank it for all of its hard work–we do need the mind for many tasks–and step off at the next stop. Sometimes I even wave goodbye as the train rumbles off into the distance. Good ole’ train.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

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