apparent solidity of the body

Most of us are convinced that our bodies have solidity. However, when I sit and pay attention to the body, all I notice are sensations that come and go–tingling in the hands and feet, the thudding of blood flow in my head, perhaps heaviness in the belly after a meal–a sensation which also comes and goes. From moment to moment, nothing remains the same. So, where is the solidity?

Perhaps what seems solid is the awareness that is always present. Awareness loans its steady, ever-presence to our bodies, and the body immediately co-opts and claims that solidity (and then the mind is off and running–it’s mine!). When I notice what does not change, what I find is the knowingness that is always present and aware, dependably the same. Anything else is subject to change.

I suggest we acknowledge what is true–that our seeming solidity simply does not belong to us. It belongs to that which only is–unfindable, unspeakable, radiant.

© Amrita Skye Blaine
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