our reliable home

That which is unnameable, unfindable, indivisible, and unchangeable radiates through us and as us. If you pause for a moment and look inward, you will know that this is true through your own direct experience. Body-mind-world objects, while made of this-that-is-unnameable (whether human, pelican, thought, sensation, planet, or perception) come and go–they are not a reliable home.

Can you find that-which-doesn’t-change? The reliable home? Look now. It is closer than your heartbeat. It is closer than your breath. Closer-than-close. It is available to each one of us, always. Even when I’m caught, or depressed, or sad, or ecstatic, the reliable home underpins all. Don’t believe stories–even from authority figures–that it is difficult, or only for those who meditate for fifty years.

Look now.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012
photo credit: Jeffrey Foltice

6 thoughts on “our reliable home

  1. As I read about the reliable home I am reminded of an experience a fellow human being had upon discovering this reliable home in an iRest – Integrative Restoration – Yoga Nidra class while living at a homeless shelter: now that I’ve found my home, I can deal with my homelessness.


    1. Thank you Aalif! So grateful to be an inspiration. I appreciate the nomination, but am not going to accept–these awards take a great deal of time, and I’m starting a new career as of yesterday. However, I’ll acknowledge you in my blog.


      1. I can completely understand, am seriously considering the same approach to blog awards after this marathon. Best wishes for your new career – hope life flows for you with ease and joy.


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