no ground

We do not get to rest anywhere other than in this every-moment-unknown. Nothing is known, and that terrifies almost all of us. Life is free fall, and always has been.

We plan, make lists, hope, pray, fuss, worry, obsess… and none of that changes the truth: there is never a moment when we know anything.

I spend a fair amount of time each day reminding myself of this. I know nothing, ever. All the anxiety that I’ve carried decade after decade–quite the five-mile-long bag–is fear of life itself, of surrendering to its ever-present unfolding. When did I shoulder this load? It doesn’t matter.

I was the little duck, pondering, hesitating, denying, its essential nature.

Let ‘er fly, girl.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012
I do not know the source of this photo. Whoever took it, thank you!


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3 responses to “no ground

  1. super duper like… love the little ducky image too – going to carry it inside me to remind myself of this. Sometimes it seems like all therapy, meditation, spirituality etc is just to avoid coming to this point of i-don’t-know-i-can’t-know-and-its-okay

  2. Reblogged this on superaalifragilistic and commented:
    Simply Beautiful… The words and the little ducky will stay in my heart to remind me of this great truth…

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