Maya stays, ignorance goes

“Maya stays, ignorance goes.”
Rupert Spira, from a downloaded talk

Today (like every day) we played in the field of Maya–drove to Oakland, California, emptied our pockets of everything–we were not allowed to carry in a handkerchief, nor a computer glasses’ case–and sat for a (seemingly very serious) real estate salesperson test. Gratefully, we both passed; studying for four and a half months apparently payed off. And within the field of Maya, this allows us to take the next step–get fingerprinted and apply for licenses, which also means interviewing, finding a broker who will have us and train us, and eventually–hopefully–earning money. All in the play of Maya.

It is required to play; it is not required to believe.

The new opportunity is to move and breathe and work and love in Maya’s arena, but to remain evermore, resting as awareness. To not only see, but see through, as well.

To all who wished us well, to all who have offered support, our gratitude and love in return. We are all in this together–we could not have completed this without you.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012
photo was a sample photo provided with my Windows 7 operating system.

4 thoughts on “Maya stays, ignorance goes

  1. Wali

    Congratulations to you both and good luck with the journey! I must admit there are times that when dealing in the world of Maya, I find myself getting impatient with “having” to spend this precious time we are given in life dealing with certain matters. A couple of days ago I was in the county planning department to site an simple agricultural building. They said it was in the flood zone and I would need to have a surveyor prove it otherwise. If that barn site were to flood, Poodle Creek would be 80′ deep and 1/2 mile wide and I can assure you nobody, including me would be worried about a little horse barn, the Willamettle Valley would be submerged! Oh well, there are rules to follow in this world to get something done and though I can play the game with relative good humor, often I’d rather be doing something else.


    1. Thanks for the congratulations! Yes, I’m with you. Maya can be frustrating! I don’t think surveys are inexpensive, either. I like the “relative good humor.”
      And yet it gives me yet another opportunity to look: where have I gotten caught? Where am I separating myself from all that is? The ways that I get caught become subtler and subtler, but they are still there.


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