22 thoughts on “nurse hat retired

  1. Malika

    Ohhh, dear friend… I am so sorry she’s gone. Such a dear, sweet friend she was; such an amazing being – always. And you too – amazing in your love and care for her. I’m holding you and all your family in love and hugging you in my heart.
    Love, Malika


  2. Wali

    Beloved Friends,
    i am with you in an endless embrace…..
    To have love so pure, a friendship so real that your hearts will always hold a place for sweet Maggie. And you are one, together in love…
    I am so sorry for your loss and send you all I have in heart felt
    compassion… Be well and keep on feeling the Love….
    And I love you,


  3. Wali

    My dear friends. We have just returned from a backpacking trip and I am catching up on your journey with Maggie. What a sweetie she was and how blessed she and you were to share this life together. I remember so clearly how both you and B. would keep an eye on her, looking for the subtlest change in expression. Your communication (communion) with her was so close and beautiful to see. She was one lucky dog to be surrounded by love, compassion, and presence to the very end. May the hole of grief be real and full of precious memories.
    Love, Wali


  4. rabi'a neeno

    You were the best nurse and mid-wife for her. Deep gratitude for your love, constancy, patience, attentiveness, steadfastness, & your enormous heart. My heart is with you, B & Emma.


  5. Peggy Prentice

    I’m so sorry you lost your sweet Maggie. She was a beautiful friend for a while. Like flowers blooming, blooming in their own season.
    Miss you!


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