the basics

Each day, I awaken with the sense that I am just pecking my way out of an egg: newborn, fresh, like this just-hatched hummingbird.

I know nothing, and I’ve come to understand there’s less suffering this way. The mind thinks it knows something –often a worry about an unknown future–but in truth, it knows nothing because it always lags behind direct experience. By the time a thought has formed–even though it feels almost instantaneous–life has moved on in an immensity I cannot even fathom.

So, the basics: what to do? Simply notice. Pay attention in a   w  i  d   e   way to the unfolding, eternal now. With my heart sprung open, respond as appropriate.

© Amrita Skye Blaine
photo credit (and more fascinating pictures of these hummingbirds):
Pat McNulty

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