natural intelligence

When mind does not get in the way, natural intelligence opens and flows.

I arrive at a busy sidewalk corner, and a woman is standing there with a white cane. It appears she is listening to the traffic. I say, “I’m crossing the street, would you like to cross with me?” She nods with a smile, and offers the crook of her elbow. We cross together–inter-connected–wish each other a nice day, and head our separate ways.

As I approached the corner, there was no conscious thought about whether or whether not to offer assistance. Natural intelligence responds directly to need in the moment. I’ve discovered that if I’m lost in thought, chewing on a thread in the past or the future, I miss these opportunities. It’s only when I’m right here, noticing, that life can interact with life in a simple, gentle way.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012
photo credit: Jeffrey Foltice

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