awareness shining everywhere

I spent the evening with beloved friends from where we used to live. Pure awareness poured from them, through them–the whole room glowed.

Each person, the delicious, fresh salad, handpicked raspberries, the ceramics on the table–all, the unique, manifested display of primal radiance.

Grateful, I drank from that luscious fountain of unseen light.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012
photo credit: Jeffrey Foltice of Photo Nature Blog

6 thoughts on “awareness shining everywhere

    1. Briefly, yes. My friend of 37 years, Susan, is moving back to the Bay Area near her family–some health problems. She flew me up so I can drive her back over two days, so got to see my son and sis and Malika/Amina/Jannat/William. Putting in toilet at my son’s condo this morning–Gregg, Malika’s husband offered, bless his heart. I’ll be the gofer. Leaving at crack of dawn tomorrow for home.


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