gateless gate

Oh, it did seem like there must be somewhere–somewhere better–that I was driven to locate, where I’d be happier, more able to roll with the punches, less vulnerable.

Isn’t this what we’ve told ourselves our whole lives? It feels as though we’ve been looking for a hidden gate–like in The Secret Garden–a gate to a paradise that must be more special than our daily drudge.

Thus began the spiritual search, with its attendant subject matter to master, ways to improve the self, and practices, practices, practices. Comparisons. Trying to achieve. Trying to still the mind, for heaven’s sake. Achieve peace!

What if there is no gate? What if that paradise is right here, inside of our daily drudge? (Which–perhaps–is no longer felt to be drudgery at all; but rather just what is? Miraculous and completely ordinary at the same time?)

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012
picture credit: Amazon


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