no meaning

It has become clear to me that life has no intrinsic meaning. Humans are happy to add meaning–sometimes desperate to do so, so the chasm of not knowing doesn’t open up in front of them.

We add meaning all the time–but that is a layer spread on top of the raw experience of life itself. When life has no meaning the question arises: but what about individual purpose?

From the non-dual view, there are no individuals–simply vast life, whole, undivided, living. Hence, no individual purpose.

However, the truth that life has no meaning does not imply that life is meaningless. “No meaning” and “meaninglessness” are not the same. Life simply is–bold, generous, filled with texture and unknowns, unfolding in each eternal now.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

8 thoughts on “no meaning

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  2. ALese

    Amrita, I really resonated with this post. Well said indeed. I actually
    felt a relief from your words.

    Love all, serve all, that gives me purpose in no purpose.



  3. Max

    Well said. Here’s a question: at what age do you think people should find this out? Should children be told from a young age there is no meaning to it all, or is this something you let them find out for themselves?


  4. Rabi'a Laurie

    I so “grok” that experience of trying to attach meaning to avoid the not-knowing… I catch myself in that dance frequently finding myself there and dropping meaning like a stranded dance partner on the dance floor. Love your graphic!


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