received commentator award

Paul, of the blog restinginawareness just nominated me for the commentator award. This means that I’ve commented on his site, and he noticed! Thank you, Paul. You have also commented here, and I appreciate it–sometimes it’s made my day.

I too, deeply appreciate the people who take the time to comment. Some interesting conversations have ensued, and I’ve made online friends as well. Sometimes people only click the “like” button–but then I know they’re read the post, and were touched in some way. I thank them as well.

So, to nominate some of the lovely folks who comment here:

and many other dear people who do not have blogs, but follow by email, and are kind enough to respond. Thanks to all of you!



4 thoughts on “received commentator award

  1. rabi'a neeno

    Wasn’t totally aware of the comment button before or of being able to “like”… I only get this on e-mail, not fb…but I see now…I enjoy your simple statements of noticing. Loving you, r.


    1. Me too, on the photo.
      I love words so.
      Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday late afternoon. I contacted John who was very welcoming. He has a good connection with Rupert, our teacher.
      Thanks for commenting. I love it when people do…


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