Humans are addicted to excitement and urgency. My husband and I had a conversation about yesterday’s post on small pleasures, and realized that we’ve just been through a period of vast change, and that the human body can respond to that change as excitement.

Our move to a different state came together as a bit of a surprise, and very quickly. Then we were in the throes of downsizing, packing, moving, arriving, unpacking, settling in.

And abruptly, we’re done: well settled, planter boxes filled and growing, rock removal complete, new plants in their place. Both of us have been experiencing the flatness I wrote about in the post “so what?” and realized that the urgency around making the move in such a short time span re-stimulated the excitement addiction.

Today we attended a one-year-old’s birthday party. Here she is exploring her first (very own) birthday cake. Yes, it ended up upside-down on the ground!

The joy of a family and old friends united in loving celebration served as a wonderful reminder for us both to simply notice and enjoy.

Nothing needs to happen; all is well.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

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