is the sky blue?

Today the weather is what humans call “picture perfect.” The  sun shines bold and hot; the sky is a vibrant blue. We all agree–and call–the sky blue, because that’s how our eyes read it, how our minds label it. But is that true?

No. We know that the sky, which is transparent atmosphere, has no color at all. And yet… we see blue, we register blue, we label blue, and talk about it as though blue is actual fact.

So it is with the word “I”. We refer to the apparent separate self as “I”; we act as though we are separate entities; there is agreement to accept that understanding within humanity. But is it true?

No. What we are referring to when we use the word I is pure awareness itself–inseparable. We’re referring the the consciousness that is the ground of all, that notices everything that is happening with simple, clear dispassion, and welcomes it all.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

3 thoughts on “is the sky blue?

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  2. Lynn

    Either I didn’t see posts that were posted, or there is a sudden uptick, perhaps fingers drawing your “You/I” to the keyboard?
    Whatever — yes!


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