the homing instinct

The homing instinct used to be what I lived for–for almost forty years, my life centered around what I called aiming for “True North,” aiming for my spiritual home.

What I didn’t understand is that very urge is the expression of separation, the urge of the one who believes she or he is separate. That homing instinct suggests that we are not home, right now–which we are. Fully, always, at home. It suggests there is something better somewhere else, or at some other time, but somewhere else and some other time do not exist. What we have is the delicious now.


© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

5 thoughts on “the homing instinct

  1. Yes, I don’t have to look far… 🙂 to see how often in the past and the here/now that I can be seduced by the projection of “my” own homeing instincts; whether that be relationships, work, so-called spirituality, or the simple circumstance of the moment that I may be subtly sitting in judgment of – the homeing instinct as you have so eloquently described, subtely dominates much of “my” [our] thinking, being, having & doing.

    Here’s to home: may we be blessed by the impulse of what is already/always present – here/now.

    Many thanks for your continued contributions!



    1. Oh yes, and the sitting in judgment piece is big for me. Caught myself last night while sitting with Jac O’Keefe (female non-dual teacher who came through our town). Subtle judging of the others in the room. And then a deep inward chuckle as I realized, that of course, they were judging me as well!


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