daily life complexities, 2012

The last time we moved, seven years ago, we didn’t have to change email addresses. This time, because we moved states, we changed providers–and hence email addresses too.

How we live life has changed drastically in that seven years! Everything is online. Email addresses need to be changed on all accounts: financial, social, business, and many others. And of course, these accounts have different passwords. It’s complex at best, complicated and close to unmanageable at worst–and I think we keep better track than most people. Perhaps this is more complex because we actually use different passwords, instead of the same one everywhere.

Remembering that this is the work right now–the unrelenting nitty-gritty details of making a new home once the boxes are unpacked.

Now, back to the ant invasion that began yesterday, another unrelenting nitty-gritty detail…
how to welcome the beneficial ants in my universe, but still ask them to leave?









thanks to this link for the photo

4 thoughts on “daily life complexities, 2012

  1. Wish I would’ve known about that little dream body experience before I had a “natural, safe” method of professionally removing the ants permanently.
    My friend and colleague now refers to me as “Ant Pam.”


  2. I’ve actually used a Huna technique that asks them to leave and had a six inch wide column that had made it 10 feet into my dining room turn and march back out. Will give details if you wish.


      1. You go inward and create a dream body that can see,hear, smell, taste, touch and speak the language of whatever animal you’re connecting to. Tell the dream body to go find the ants and tell them that they need to leave or you will be spraying (or whatever you would do), that you want to give them a chance to leave on their own, etc. Send it forth!


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