we’ve landed

We’ve landed. Eight days in our new home, about 95% of the boxes are unpacked, and the rest are in my office closet or in the garage. Pictures hang on the wall. With so much generosity, our old friends fed us until the refrigerator arrived Tuesday. I’m so grateful to them! Dogs have settled in. I can relax enough to write these few words.

It appears that everything has changed. But is that the truth, really? Nothing has changed at the root level of awareness. The world of ten thousand things has shuffled, yes. Yet awareness shines, unendingly, everywhere.


© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

8 thoughts on “we’ve landed

  1. Just heard you have moved! Happy settling in. I am glad to see this blog, it is very inspiring, and will keep checking in. I am actually working in the literary field all of a sudden as designer/e-pup creator and editor. What fun. We are at wildearthpress,com. Love Kerima and Michael Furniss from Arcata, CA.


    1. Wow, why, Leigh? I don’t think I’m very versatile! But thank you! I’m now posting a formal thank you in my blog. Somehow I missed this post in the move-madness. I’m sorry; I don’t want you to think I’m not grateful!


      1. The versatile part seems to be pretty much ignored. I just like to have us networking and supporting one another and helping one another to reach more people and I think that’s the idea behind all these awards. This one demands the longest list and I do think 15 is kind of excessive. To get 25 for these two awards I have to really reach…


  2. Barkat Rose Ferar

    Welcome to Sonoma County, wherever you are!
    Looking forward to hearing from you !
    Much love and Blessings, Barkat Rose ( and family)


    1. Okay, seven things about myself, yogaleigh:
      1. all I want in life is the fullest awakening possible
      2. my son has been my greatest teacher
      3. I have the dearest husband in the world
      4. I’m greedy
      5. I’ve tried many forms of art and craft, but writing is the only one where sometimes I actually like what I’ve produced
      6. aging scares me a bit
      7. dying is not nearly as frightening as it used to be


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