Anxiety is an old, old friend, and visits often, and unexpectedly. Sometimes she settles in for a while–brings furniture, sets up camp, warms herself by the fire.

We are relocating, yet I have no anxiety around that at all. It feels so right, so natural. Of course, there are small griefs–moving far from people that I deeply love–but my heart is not leaving them, and we will find ways to remain connected. I am returning to people that I also love deeply, and there is a special sweetness of rediscovery. Faces, twenty years older. Increased wisdom. I have never “gone back” before. I’ve only “moved on.”

Yet everything about the last sentence is false. There is no going back! There is no moving on! There is only the unfolding eternal now, always fresh, alive, unknown. Awareness shining everywhere–even within my old friend, anxiety.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012


Filed under Advaita, Musings, Non-duality, spirituality

4 responses to “relocating

  1. I am a new subscriber and enjoy your posts. I relocated recently myself…alone to a whole new place where i knew no one. The change of place released whole new levels of energy. Enjoy!

  2. Barkat Rose Ferar

    Enjoying your posts. Looking forward to flowing forward together in our re- connection! Much love and blessings to you in your re- locating process!

  3. Love.
    Go anywhere.
    Do anything.
    Crossed the Gate yet my friend ?
    Move wherever you like.
    What are you ?

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