gave up TV today

We did it.

Took the boxes back to Comcast, and reduced our service from triple-play to phone and internet only. The guy at Comcast seemed taken aback that we weren’t changing to Dish or a different television plan. Yeah. Me too.

In the midst of my body-mind feeling a bit bereft, I notice that core awareness couldn’t care less. Best to focus on that.

But it does change routines in this family. Simple, comforting routines, gone.

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

5 thoughts on “gave up TV today

  1. No TV since 2004. No problem. And if you miss it, you can always pop in to or Netflix or Blockbuster. Or You tube. or TED. Vimeo is good too. It’s not like you will never watch video again. But all these other thing are sporadic, they aren’t part of one’s daily routine, like tv usually is for most of us. Terrific for you & your husband, Amrita ! Once you have gone for a while, you may wonder where people get the time to watch it. Honestly, I have no idea.


  2. Impressive and admirable, especially when I think about the struggles you mention in your previous post. A virtual hug to you!… When we got married earlier this year, we decided not to get cable. I continue to struggle with the sense of (perceived) (dis)connectedness from/to the world that having a television can sometimes bring, but for the occasional re-connection to ‘popular culture,’ something I like to do to remind myself of this time in history I’m a part of, I catch an episode or two online or watch a program while I’m running in our gym downstairs. What stands out for me is that I am deeply grateful that we have had so many hours to discuss, read, write, share company with others, and build our nest together since the disappearance of cable from our everyday lives. For me, time has multiplied in the absence of t.v. Good luck to you on this new, and brave, part of your journey!


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