Okay, I tend to resist it. It’s the hippopotamus in the middle of the one-lane road.

Right now, everything is changing. Day to day, I barely recognize myself. We are downsizing, and that will lead to an eventual change in home. We are cutting expenses, which may mean giving up cable television–one of many extras on the possible cut list.

My parents wouldn’t have a television when I was a child. All my friends watched; I felt denied. So I have been very aware of my attachment as an adult. Not that I watch it that much, I don’t; and it certainly is never on when not being watched. In fact, we often cover the screen when it is not in use, although the screen is a wonderful non-dual reminder! <grin>

I have not wanted to be denied the apparent choice–even when I was a struggling single mom.

But now I’m thinking, heck–why not? I have to be willing to give up everything that can be. Skye, give it a try!

© Amrita Skye Blaine, 2012

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