“reality is not mysterious”

This morning I was reading Presence: The Intimacy of All Experience, the second volume of Rupert Spira’s most recent published work. In the chapter that starts on page 71 Rupert says, “Reality is not mysterious. It is present, here, shining in this current experience. It is substantial, intimate, and immediate.” My mind stopped. I knew immediately that this is true. All the questions of why and how that make up what we call the mystery are simply an added veiling of thoughts–story that separates us from the immediacy of what is! If I simply set thoughts aside, the mystery vanishes, and the beauty and clarity that pervades all experience shines forth.

There are no answers, because thoughts themselves are objects within awareness. They can know nothing–they are always late, always referring to what is already gone.

Happy New Year! And deep gratitude to those of you who read and comment regularly. You light up my days.

© Skye Blaine, 2011

photo credit: http://melindasphotos.com/2011/01/06/light-rays-shining-through-the-clouds/

2 thoughts on ““reality is not mysterious”

  1. Skye:

    Rupert kicks it ! Thanks for sharing experience as it appears there !

    The beauty of this blog’s presentation lies in the marriage of the conceptual with the practical. Lots of peeps go off the rails, usually on the conceptual side. Staying with the body keeps awareness in the place where there are no lies. It’s like the body acts like a stethoscope for reality.

    Are you going to blog once a day for 2012 ?

    Good health and happy blogging this year !


    1. Hi Dominic,
      I’m not going to commit to once a day blogging in 2012: will be attending real estate school with lots of study, and we may be moving states (physical ones!)
      I suppose I could if I were willing to post only a quote from someone else. Interesting, I really felt the pressure to post every day after I made that commitment.
      I agree with you about the body. Love that line, “acts like a stethoscope for reality.” Does for this one.

      Wonderful wishes for you this year as well.
      Skye’s my writing and business name–you may call me Amrita, as most family and friends do.


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