true friendship, part two

Most all of us are blessed with good, solid friendships—trustworthy people who encourage us, listen to our difficulties when we are struggling, pick up groceries for us if we are ill—the person we call when we are obsessing about a marriage-gone-bad, or bursting with astonishing news. And then we actively listen to their stories, their ups and downs, responding when we sense they need our input, as they have for us. We treasure these very special friends.

But how many of us have a Friend with a capital “F,” who unfailingly points to the truth? This rarest of friends may know nothing of our history, or our hopes and wishes for the future. In fact, they may have no interest or need to know us in that way. But in response to our longing for truth, they show up. They see through us in a way that our mother or father—or that best friend—may not. This friend knows how to point to the eternal truth that cannot be put into words, but they try, anyway. Again and again. The truth they offer may be hard to hear because it tickles places of fear within, but it is always said with love.

I have been gifted with this kind of friend, a rare and precious gift indeed. A true friend.

© Skye Blaine, 2011

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