a quiet holiday evening

A quiet holiday evening–just the way I like it. My husband and I are at home with our dogs while others may be rushing around at the malls. We had to pick up a cherry pie we ordered (no eggs–an allergic brother-in-law) but ended up with not a moment’s wait at Sweet Life, the most popular dessert venue in town. I could say that was luck, but noticed that during the day, I listened to my own internal pull. The moment for movement came, and at 2 pm–an hour earlier that the agreed upon pick-up time–we arrived to no line and a ready pie.

More and more–as I relax and control less–life moves easily. In my direct experience, there is no such thing as control anyway.  And how much kinder for the people around me…

No matter what tradition you celebrate during the holidays, I hope your time with loved ones is festive, without stress, and filled with gratitude. Love to all of you!

© Skye Blaine, 2011

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