lucid, light-filled awareness

We speak of awareness as being light-filled, but this is not the light, like sunlight, that we generally think of. There is another kind of light that might be best described as “clear light.” Clear light sounds contradictory, but is it, really?

For a moment, think about vast space. We see dots of light that we are told are stars, or suns, very like the familiar sun of our own solar system. Space, the emptiness in between, is inky black, deep black, penetrating black—yet our solar system’s sun is a ball of raging fire, active and alive with storms, shedding light and heat that we see and feel here on earth, ninety-one million miles away. But that bright illuminator neither lights nor heats the emptiness in between that we call space. In space, without the atmosphere of the planet, it is clear light. Unseen light.

Awareness is clear light. It can also be referred to as lucid—both shining, and transparent. Another meaning of lucid is “evident” or “obvious.” The great non-dual teachers who speak about awareness say just that—that it is so directly evident that we miss it. We swim in awareness just as fish swim in the ocean’s water, we breath it, we are it—there is no thing that is not imbued with awareness—and yet we do not recognize that truth, because we are taught from birth—in this culture—to trust what we can see,  touch, or feel. What can be felt with our senses, we are told, is real. So we overlook what is most obvious, most precious, most true. The lucid, light-filled presence of awareness.

Happy Solstice!

© Skye Blaine, 2011

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