future tripping

Yes, the mind tears off into future tripping: soon there will be more light again, soon the crocuses will breach the ground, soon…. I may notice quickly, or if the thought train is very compelling, it can take a while.

But eventually I take note and bring myself home–first I feel the pressure of the keys under my fingertips, then as I become more fully present, I notice the little horizontal ridges on the “J” and “F” keys that let my fingers know they are placed correctly for touch typing.

Then I remember that the screen is always ever the screen, even though myriad forms display on it–the Spitzer space telescope views of the universe that serve as my monitor wall paper, the “Edit Post” screen that overlays even that universe as I work–both seemly veiling the screen, but closer to the truth, they are revealing the screen–revealing the screen’s basic nature.

Just like all appearances of the mind, body, and world reveal consciousness.

© Skye Blaine, 2011

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