the body is a warehouse

Today I’m sharing a quote from Presence by Rupert Spira, volume 1, page 103. He speaks so clearly that I bow in gratitude.

“The body is a warehouse in which all our hurts, rejections, failures, fears and resentments are stored, long after thinking has forgotten them. These are laid down in the body, layer upon layer. In fact, these old feelings have colonized the body to such an extent that the body is, for most of us, a dense network of tensions and contractions.

It is these layers of tension and contraction that obscure the natural transparency and openness of the body and give the impression that a separate, inside self is in residence.

Like piles of old papers in the basement they have become faded and unrecognizable. They have long since lost the associations which once rendered them meaningful and are now experienced as a slumbering mass of incomprehensible feelings.

These may be dormant much of the time, but may also be triggered for irrational reasons at unexpected times, and betray in us, over and over again, the residues of a separate inside self.”

Rupert’s books are available on his website–see link above, on Amazon, or through

2 thoughts on “the body is a warehouse

  1. The whole “somatic” component to “this” was one of the major things I took away from Rupert’s retreat back in October. I work with it every day. Watching those bodily sensations come up and just allowing them to be. Thank you for sharing Rupert’s quote from Presence. Priceless!


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