where fear arises

“Love is the dissolution of the ‘I’ that loves and the ‘other’ that is loved. It is the collapse of relatedness and the dawn of intimacy.”
Rupert Spira, Presence, vol 2, pg 33

My husband read this quote out loud to me yesterday. I know that it is true, but tickles of fear still arise in my chest. I can chuckle at myself, wondering why I would choose separated relatedness rather than true intimacy, but I can’t deny the sensations that I label fear.

To try to put these tendrils of fear into words, it comes out something like this: if I surrender to the more-and-more-obvious truth that everything is so intimate that it is wholly one, then where does that put partnership and marriage?

If the definition of love is the intimacy of complete dissolving, then no love is different from any other. I apparently still get caught wanting to be “special” or “chosen.”

I want to see completely through this truth about love to release the patterning that gets triggered.

© Skye Blaine, 2011
(this picture was posted by a friend on Facebook. I do not know the source to give credit.)


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