just turn your heart…

“Just turn your heart towards this resonance. Don’t ask how, just do it. Do it again and again. Every time you think you have lost it, it’s very easy, just do it again, until it becomes as natural as a young child looking back to see whether his or her mother is still present, watching. It’s a very simple gesture going back to that which you love the most.” —Francis Lucille

I offered this quote in a comment yesterday, and then all day, the image lived with me. I recall this from early childhood: whether climbing high in the old oak, or dressing up our patient Labrador retriever in costume, looking back to see if my mother–who was often deeply engaged in her own thoughts–was paying attention. Usually, she was not. I remember the mild sense of abandonment, of not being seen.

Awareness is always present. Completely reliable.

© Skye Blaine, 2011

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