season of dark

The season of dark is upon us. Best to simply allow; resistance is movement away from what is.

When I slow enough to notice, everywhere I look there is light. The sky is slate grey–some might even say sullen–yet it is infused with a subtle glow. Light pierces through the vivid trees in their blazing autumnal color. The rain wets the leaves on the ground, and each leave has a spot of bright reflection.

Light upon light upon light…

© Skye Blaine, 2011

2 thoughts on “season of dark

  1. As a fellow Pacific Northwest person, I am sharing the darkness with you today. However, today I realized how much I LOVED the dark, the damp. Seriously.

    In my recent trip to California, I found, almost to my surprise, that my favourite camping spot was deep in the redwood trees… calm, quiet, peaceful. That is where I found my “home”.

    And on this rainy, damp day I am baking muffins… hmmm… and they are looking a bit damp and dark too 😉



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