the Spirit of Guidance

For forty years, in my root Sufi tradition, we spoke of the Spirit of Guidance. But what is that, really? Each time we mouthed the words, did we know what we were speaking about? I suspect not. I certainly had no idea! The Spirit of Guidance felt distant, unreachable. Perhaps I might be graced with it–tiny slivers–now and then. Mostly, it felt hopelessly unattainable–until two days ago, when the meaning came clear.

The Spirit of Guidance is available to each one of us, in our direct experience, now. It is “closer than your jugular vein.” (Sura Qaf 50.16) Always and forever available. We are immersed in it-which-is-not-an-it, bathed in it, made of it.

© Skye Blaine, 2011

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