life felt stressful

Life felt stressful yesterday–and then I realized there was  no stress in it. The day simply was filled with activity which the mind translated into “stress,” and then the the body created “feelings” about that. I well know that neither the mind nor the emotions are reliable–over the past three years this has become eminently clear.

What a release this is! And to remember that below, prior to any activity is delicious stillness. That ever-present potent emptiness is always available, even in the middle of perceived chaos.

© Skye Blaine, 2011

2 thoughts on “life felt stressful

  1. Basheera

    Do you mean that “neither” the mind “nor” the emotions are reliable? I got confused there. But either way (or is it “neither way?”) it’s a wonderful thing to realize isn’t it?

    And your blog shows up on Facebook and I was able to click right on it and get there! Which I wouldn’t have done if you had just posted that you added something to your blog. Don’t know why. It’s a psychological thing. This is great, though!

    Love you!


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